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"Some of the nation's worst drug dealers aren't peddling on the street corners, they're occupying corporate suites. Overdosed America reveals the greed and corruption that drive health care costs skyward and now threatens the public health. Before you see a doctor, you should read this book." - Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation

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Salute you for having the courage...

Dear Dr. Abramson,

I have just begun reading your book, "Overdosed America", and I salute you for having the courage to go against the grain and tell the truth about one of the most egregious broken promises of American medicine......I could not help but think of what I have read so far regarding statin drugs when I saw the following article (link below) in which it is stated that strokes have tripled in middle aged women. I don't think that can all be blamed on obesity :


I have never been a believer in drugs when a natural alternative is available. I reversed my own osteoporosis by following a regimen recommended by the Weil Institute of Wellness at Cornell. I changed my form of calcium supplement from carbonate to citrate, added chelated magnesium in a 2 to 1 ratio , faithfully use a portable stair stepper to increase bone density in hips, and it has worked. I voluntarily discontinued my Actonel, against the advice of my physician, and I feel much better. (I took it for five years,, with no improvement until I began the aforementioned regimen, and I pray that the Actonel did not damage my bones or internal organs)


I bought a copy of your book to give to one of our family's favorite physicians, Dr. Julio Gundian, in the hopes that he will read it with an open mind, and pass the info gleaned within to his colleagues.

Thank you for informing the general public that we are not only being duped, we are being harmed.

Peggy, FL