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"Some of the nation's worst drug dealers aren't peddling on the street corners, they're occupying corporate suites. Overdosed America reveals the greed and corruption that drive health care costs skyward and now threatens the public health. Before you see a doctor, you should read this book." - Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation

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"I am constantly amazed by the way the media twist the facts about prescription drug"

I Bought your book and loved it. I am very motivated to get even more exercise, lose weight and eat right, which I try to do anyway, but this was a big encouragemen. Thank you.

I am constantly amazed by the way the media twist the facts about prescription drugs. It was so blatent this morning on the CBC morning show where their resident doctor was strongly encouraging people to take their statin medicines (at a even higher dose, and even if they have no history of heart disease, and how it is just terrible how people are so noncompliant) and immediately after her segment, the announcement that this was sponsored by Brisol-Myers Squibb. I believe they make Pravachol.
Keep up the good work at educating people.

Of note, my husband and I are in our late 50s, have never taken any prescription drugs (except antibiotics for root canal), have excellent cholesterol and blood pressure, and have never had any type of surgery. I was encouraged to take hormone replacement a few years ago which I declined and feel better now than at any other time in my life. Menopause is great.

Joan K

Joan, Thanks for your kind words. I am happy to have played even a small role in your improved health habits. The bottom line about statins for women is that there is still not a single randomized controlled trial that shows that statins are beneficial for women who don't already have heart disease or diabetes. But there is good evidence that women who adhere to healthy lifestyle (regular exercise, Mediterranean style diet, not smoking, drinking in moderation, and maintaining a reasonable body weight) develop 80% less heart disease than the women who don't do those things (but only 3% of American women follow these healthy habits). So keep up the good work and I hope that you have a primary care doctor with whom you can talk honestly about these issues.
All the best,
Dr. A